Pricelist of services

The minimum shipment price is 45,00 € for a parcel up to 18,75 kg. For the minimum shipping amount, one shipment can only be divided into 2 parts (e.g. 2 parcels, etc…)! The price list for Northern Ireland is in pounds.

from 0 kg to 50 kg

2,40 €/kg

from 50 kg to 100 kg

2,20 €/kg

from 100 kg to 200 kg

1,90 €/kg

from 200 kg

1,80 €/kg

We consider the following to be a standard shipment:

A shipment packed in a cardboard box with dimensions up to 40cm x 50cm x 60cm, tightly bound (taped together with adhesive tape), handled by one person (weight up to 35kg).

Shipments with us are not transshipped, palletized or pre-shipped by other courier companies. They are only transported by our own vehicles and professionally trained staff!

Live animals

At the end of 2018, we founded a new company, which will specialize only in the professional transport of animals.

We will price the transport of animals individually

Moving, rental of the whole vehicle

More information about the offer by clicking here


Electric bicycle

80,00 €

Bicycle – folded

50,00 € – 80,00 €

Electric scooter

70,00 €

Motorcycles and vehicles

Moped and motorbikes


100,00 € – 200,00 €



1,5 €/inch (palec)

Non-standard shipments

– for non-standard shipments, the weight/volume ratio is taken into account, the price is decided individually – travel bag or suitcase, backpack, furniture, wardrobe, white goods (washing machine, fridge…), satellite dishes… The price for a non-standard shipment is usually 2,50 – 3,00 €/kg.

In the event that one parcel, box, suitcase, etc. exceeds 35kg, such an item is always charged for regardless of the total weight

For shipments over 50 kg, assistance with loading and unloading must be provided. The cost of transport is paid by the sender when handing over the consignment to our courier.

Warning: the transport of alcohol, tobacco and medicines in parcels is strictly forbidden!

The above pricing conditions come into force from: