Our services

Regular transport from Ireland to the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Transport of parcels and goods from Ireland to Slovakia, to the Czech Republic and from Slovakia and the Czech Republic to Ireland. We will pick up your parcels anywhere in Ireland, Slovakia or the Czech Republic. We deliver direct to your door. Shipping one way every week. We have been successfully transporting your parcels to and from Ireland since 2007. Trust our quality and experience!

What we transport





Motorbikes and bicycles

Moving and transportation of larger shipments

How the order is placed

After completing and submitting the order form, you will receive an email from us (to the sender’s email address) notifying you that your order has been received. The collection of shipments will start 1 day before the date you have chosen in your order and may take several days (usually 2-3 days from the actual start of collection). Shipping usually takes 5 – 14 days, depending on the package delivery location and our current shipping route. The day before collection or delivery, our courier will contact you by phone to arrange collection or delivery of your parcel.

Conditions of carriage

Parcels, goods and furniture must comply with the transport and import laws and rules of the countries of the European Union.
You can find the transport conditions here.

Transport of pets

Transportation of your pets. Comfortable and reliable. We will bring your dog or cat to Ireland or from Ireland to Slovakia or the Czech Republic. Ireland Courier is the only carrier providing pet transport between Ireland, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Import is subject to conditions of carriage and import documents. It has been providing transport of domestic animals since 2007. Our long experience and customer satisfaction is a guarantee of the good service we provide when transporting animals.

Transport of pets is the most complicated transport and for several reasons:

– in each country there are different legal regulations and in each country it is necessary to obtain different permits for transporting animals

– by informing the carrier about your pet’s needs, you can ensure that your pet has a suitable diet and conditions during transport (please remember to include this information when filling in the order form)

The basic conditions for transporting pets kept for pleasure can be found here.

The basic conditions for transporting hobby animals can be found here.