Prepravné podmienky

Ireland Courier reserves the right to effect the collection, carriage or delivery of the goods through a contractual collaboration between itself and a third party. Consignor – the legal or natural person for whom the carrier arranges the carriage of the goods from the place of dispatch to the place of delivery. Consignee – the natural or legal person to whom the consignee is so designated by the marking on the consignment. Carrier’s representative – an employee of our company or a third party authorised by our company to collect or deliver the goods if necessary. Shipment – the goods being transported. Bill of Lading – a document specifying the goods being transported.

2. Order
The order for transportation is made by filling in an on-line order at
The order is considered binding after its confirmation by e-mail or telephone agreement.
The carrier reserves the right to cancel the order without giving any reason. The customer is informed of the cancellation of the order to the email address of the sender (or the ordering party).

3. Transport time
Shipping usually takes 5 – 14 days, depending on the package delivery location and our current shipping route. The shipping time will be specified to the customer upon receipt of the parcel. We reserve the right to deliver the package or parcel later, with delays due to technical reasons, bad weather, traffic situation.

4. Marking and preparation of the shipment for transport
The consignment must be secured with packaging appropriate to its size, weight and nature. A shipment improperly secured will be excluded from carriage or any damage will be the responsibility of the shipper, not the carrier. The packaging of the consignment must be such that the consignment cannot be penetrated without leaving visible signs of damage to the packaging. The packaging must be legibly marked with the address of the consignor and the consignee. If the consignment requires careful handling, the consignor is obliged to mark the packaging with the necessary symbols. The carrier shall have the right to refuse to accept the consignment if he deems it appropriate.

5. Receipt of shipment
Collection of the shipment will be made at the place of dispatch indicated in the online order, unless otherwise agreed. Upon receipt of the shipment, the carrier’s representative will give the sender a copy of the bill of lading. The sender and the carrier’s representative confirm the accuracy of the data on the waybill by their signatures. On receipt of the goods, the consignor shall be informed of the latest date for delivery of the consignment. The carrier’s representative shall have the right to ask the consignor for proof of identity.

6. Delivery of the parcel
The carrier undertakes to attempt to contact the recipient by telephone 1 day before delivery of the consignment, if he has a telephone contact for the recipient. The carrier’s representative will hand over the consignment to the destination address. The consignee, by his signature on the consignment note, confirms the time and date of receipt of the consignment as well as the accuracy of the information on the quantity and nature of the consignment given in the consignment note. The carrier’s representative shall have the right to ask the consignee for proof of identity. In the event that the consignee of the goods is not reachable at the address at the time of delivery, the consignee refuses to accept the goods, or the address on the consignment is non-existent, the carrier shall attempt to contact the consignor, inform him of this fact and agree with him on the next steps to be taken. If it is not possible to contact the sender by telephone within 10 minutes, the consignment will be delivered to the place designated by the carrier. The carrier is obliged to inform the sender of this fact in writing (e-mail). If the sender does not provide the carrier with any further instructions within 10 working days of the written notification, the consignment shall be forfeited to the carrier. In the event of return or delay of the consignment due to the fault of the consignor, the consignor agrees to pay the costs related to the return, delay or storage of the consignment, even if the consignment is detained by the carrier, if its value is lower than the stated costs of the carrier.

7. Exclusion from carriage and prohibited substances
Shipments of the following nature will be excluded from carriage: – shipments endangering human life or health, such as explosives, weapons, narcotic and psychotropic substances, alcohol, tobacco, combustibles with a low flash point, poisons, radioactive substances, gases and liquids in pressurised containers, – shipments of extremely high value, e.g. consignments of high value, such as precious stones and metals, art objects, banknotes, coins, medicines, consignments which are easily damaged even if handled with care, – consignments with a declared value of more than €5,000, – consignments whose packaging does not correspond to the nature of the consignment or the address of the consignee and the consignor is not legibly marked. In case of unsuitable packaging, the parcel can be accepted, but the sender is responsible for any damage to the parcel. This will be entered on the consignment note – Consignments the ownership and possession of which is prohibited under national regulations. If the carrier discovers that the consignment contains articles excluded from carriage, he shall have the right to retain such articles. The customer shall not be entitled to their return or to any compensation for damage to such items in any form whatsoever. At the same time, a flat-rate fine of up to EUR 1,000 per consignment may be assessed, payable immediately, and in the event of detention of the consignment by the police, customs and other governmental institutions, the customer shall bear all costs incurred by the carrier. These include legal costs, demurrage costs, compensation to customers who have suffered losses due to demurrage and other costs that are directly caused by the customer’s failure to comply with the conditions of carriage by the fact that the consignment contains articles excluded from carriage. The customer shall be informed of the amount of these costs and shall be obliged to pay them without delay.

8. Payment of the transport feeThe amount of the freight charge is determined by the Carrier upon confirmation of the order. The price calculated at is for informational purposes only. The price list for Northern Ireland is in GBP currency and payment for shipping is made in GBP currency! The Carrier’s representative is required to check the weight or dimensions of the shipment on receipt. The freight charge is payable by the sender in cash on receipt of the shipment by an employee of our company, unless otherwise agreed.

9. Responsibility of the senderBy signing the waybill, the Sender declares that the contents of the consignment are identical to those declared in the waybill and that they do not contradict any part of Clause 7 of these Conditions of Carriage. The consignor is always responsible for the contents of the consignment, never the carrier. The consignor undertakes to bear the consequences, if any, and to reimburse the carrier for all expenses relating to the return of the consignment to the consignor as well as for any other expenses incurred by the carrier in connection with the fact that at any stage of the carriage the contents or nature of the consignment are found not to correspond to those declared by the consignor in the consignment note.

10. Carrier’s liability
The carrier is responsible for the consignment from the moment of collection until the time of delivery, where the moment of collection and receipt of the consignment is considered to be the data in the waybill. The carrier is obliged to deliver the consignment to the place of delivery at the latest by the time specified in the waybill. The carrier shall not be held liable for failure to deliver the consignment on time to its destination if the delay in delivery is caused by an unforeseeable event or an event not caused by the carrier (natural disaster, traffic accident, war, etc.). The carrier undertakes to pay for damage caused by improper handling during carriage. However, it is not liable in any case for damage to the consignment caused by the use of unsuitable or insufficient packaging.

11. ComplaintsIn case of a claim (loss, damage to the consignment), the sender is obliged to notify the carrier of this event in writing no later than two working days from the time when the consignment should have been delivered.

12. Insurance
All shipments transported by us are automatically insured up to € 30,-. You have the option to add insurance to your shipment. The insurance covers you in case of damage, destruction or loss of the insured shipment by any accidental event. The insurance premium is 5% of the insured amount. The maximum amount of insurance is 3 000,- €. The option of additional insurance does not apply to TV, due to the frequent misuse of this service.

13. Price
We have posted the official and current price list at We reserve the right to change prices.

14. Final provisionsRelations between the carrier and the consignor are governed by Slovak law. If the carriage is subject to the provisions of the Convention on the Contract of Carriage for International Carriage of Goods by Road, signed at Geneva on 19 May 1956, the provisions of that Convention shall prevail over the provisions of these Conditions of Carriage which conflict with the provisions of the Convention. The Operator reserves the right to amend these Conditions of Carriage