Professional transportation
of parcels, pallets, animals
and relocation.

Our services

Transport services

Regular transport of parcels and goods between Ireland (IRL), Slovakia (SK), Czech Republic (CZ) and Europe (EU).

Departs regularly every week. We will pick your shipments up anywhere in Ireland, Slovakia, Czech Republic or Europe.

Delivery right to your door, or to an address of your choice, starting from 45 Eur.

Moving and full vehicle rental

We have a canvas and box van with a chauffeur available for you. The characteristics of the vans differ in maximum load capacity and volume.

For a customized quotation, please contact us with your inquiry. We will quote you a customized moving or rental of the entire van.

Transport of animals

Transportation of your pets. Comfortable and reliable.
We are a professional registered carrier!
We will transport your dog, cat or any other pet between Ireland (IRL), Slovakia (SK), Czech Republic (CZ) and Europe (EU).

Imports are subject to conditions of carriage and the necessary documents.

Vehicle transport and other

One of the special transports we provide is the transport of vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles of all kinds.

As the only carrier, we will provide hassle-free transportation of your vehicle!

When transporting the vehicle, we will load and fix the motorcycle ourselves so that it will not be damaged or scratched during transport.


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